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The team at Ocean Express boasts the experience of over four decades in the design, development and manufacture of quality composite catamarans. Built for comfort, speed, and performance, our unique, sought-after vessels use an extensive array of hi-tech, state-of-the-art composite technology.

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Ocean Express Powerboats

Ocean Express Powerboats has a proud history of over 43 years producing quality, power catamarans. Our custom, innovative design, and manufacturing process by Focht Marine Design has been the inspiration for several marquee powerboat brands, all of which have had various degrees of success in their own right.


Our Model Series

In the section below, we present the currently available new model lineup for Ocean Express for 2021 and beyond.

We also have a range of showroom models, demo, and pre-owned boats available in our current inventory section. Contact our Sales Department today. Our team is only too happy to walk you through our current inventory and new builds.

Please Note: Model photos displayed are for demonstration purposes only. Actual models offered for sale may vary in appearance and equipment lineup. Please check with our sales team for the exact images and specifications of the boat you are interested in.

Performance Series

Tuned for performance. Styled with elegance. Offering the heart-pounding, race-tuned bloodline of a performance boat.

The Performance Models

Dual Console Series

The new flagship of the Ocean Express lineup. This 70 mile per hour cruiser features two full size cabins plus a full complement of creature comforts in an expansive deck area.

The Dual Console Models

Cruiser Series

This multi-purpose design caters to the long-range cruiser, avid anglers of all levels, or the simple evening on the water with friends and family all coupled with Ocean Express performance

The Cruiser Models

Center Console Series

Stability, style, and comfort. Constructed with precision engineering resulting in performance and a ride like no other.

The Center Console Models

Discover Ocean Express Power Catamarans

Find out what makes Ocean Express Boats unique

Ocean Express Powerboats are designed to utilize the full benefits of a catamaran hull over the traditional V-Hull alternative. Our designs have been honed and perfected over 43 years of experience on the racing circuit.

Our racing heritage and winning edge have given us a unique perspective on the key elements that combine to take full advantage of fuel efficiency, ultimate control and handling and the optimal power to weight ratios for composite material hulls.


The Catamaran difference

Just like religion and politics, people are passionate about their judgment and preferences about all manner of things. If you’re passionate one way or the other hull configuration, far be it from us to try and convert you. We simply offer our observations and experiences on the advantages of the catamaran. You be the judge…

Cost Effective

Based on our racing experience, power catamarans generally produce about 25% better fuel economy. For example, running at 35 to 40 mph, a cat will consume around 3 miles per gallon.

Enhanced Control

Catamaran motor centers range from 72” to 88” apart, allowing for better maneuvering around docks; A V-Hull is typically 24” apart. Most v-bottoms need bow thrusters and/or joystick controls for enhanced control and maneuverability in tight spaces.

Ocean Express Powerboats Inc.

Superior Ride

Our twin-V offshore power catamarans run on top of the water. Gliding over 24 steps and utilizing a large air entrapment tunnel producing a 40% softer ride.

A catamaran offers a markedly more stable ride over its V-hull counterpart. The side-to-side motion is almost non-existent.

What sets Ocean Express apart…

Yes, we are blowing our horn, here. We’ve learned a few lessons over the years and we’d just like to share a few of the key attributes that set us apart from the crowd.

Race Proven Pedigree

You only get better by competing against a better opponent.

Unique Design Process

We take what works. We leave what doesn’t.

Outside the box

Don’t Copy. Innovate. 

Over 40 years experience

We’ve been around and we have the scars to prove it. 

Singular Vision

Be the best you can. Follow your dreams, be unique but don’t let arrogance blind you. Most of all, be true to yourself. 

Quality Materials

Never forget – you get out of it what you put into it.